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Sorting books

When I add a new book to My Book Table on my web site it lands on the bottom of the page. When I go into my dashboard to sort books and click and drag it to the top of the pile and click "save" it does not save but bounces back to the bottom of the page. Any suggestions? 


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Along this same line, what happened to the book order feature? I want to be able to keep the books I add in a particular order. Thanks!

Hi, Michele. Here's what I did to organize the books. Go to My Book Table (in menu on the left hand side of screen). Click on BOOKS menu (a page shows up that lists all your books for sale). Click on the book whose location you want to change. On the right hand of the screen (you might have to scroll down to see it) is a menu called "Series Order." Pick a number between 0 and a 1000. The lower the number the higher that particular book will appear on your book tab. I trust that'll fix the problem for you. 

Erik Johnson

Hi Guys

I was having trouble with this too but it has been fixed. See below for explanation from support

"If I am understanding correctly, with the new Attribute Sorting system you should be able to order your books by release date just like you were before the removal of the Book Order field. On each book page you should be able to change the "Published on" field in the Publish box in the right-top corner of the page to the book's release date. Then, you can go to the book sorting page and use Attribute Sorting to sort by Post Date. This should cause all your books to slot in automatically where they should be by release date. Please let me know if I am not explaining this clearly or if I am misunderstanding what you are needing."



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