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Buy Buttons

Do you expect to be adding the capability to allow users to create they're own "Buy Button?"  I am a romance writer who has books at a popular site called ARe (  I'd love to be able to either have that button added or the ability to select an customize buy button that would let me type in ARe for readers who visit that site.

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Agreed -- and as a Canadian author, I'd love to be able to add Chapters/Indigo, our main Canadian bookstore, for my print books. I'm betting authors in other countries would love to be able to add their country's bookstores too. 

I would like to be able to create Amazon links to the various sites around the world like,,,, etc.

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Am I able to add conversion tracking html for twitter and facebook to an amazon buy button?

I'd also like the ability to link to different Amazon sites.

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I'd also love this. I use a site called DriveThru Fiction and wish I could upload a button that uses their great logo instead of just using the text link.

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