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Setting to hide specific metadata from page

I'm using this plugin on single-author websites, so having the author name on the page is almost silly. The author who owns one of the sites only has a single series, so again, a bit silly to list it on the page. I also end up with links to the "author" and "series", which result in blank pages. I want to use the "other books in the series" feature, so I DO want to populate the "Series" metadata, but I just don't want to have a page with the full listing when I've already got everything I need on the book pages.

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I would love this implementation! Everyone I know who uses this plugin is a single-author site, and everyone who's asked me about my experience with the plugin is interested in a single-author capacity. If it seems unworkable at present, maybe think of forking the plugin to a "book blogger" or "author" version where the metadata can be suppressed at the user level.

This seems basic. Would love to see this implemented.

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