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Grid view settings in book styles

I love the grid view, but there are a couple of suggestions I have for you. 

1. A way to "label" each book - yes I have vol. 1, 2, etc on my book cover, but it's tiny. would be nice to be able to label separately.

2.Right now when someone clicks the book it takes them to the book's page in book table where they have to click the buy now button. I would much rather when they click that book cover it take them (along with my affiliate link) to Amazon. Right now, I'm using squeeze page to get their email and redirecting it to the books page with the grid view. If it were me signing up, and it took me to another page and not directly to amazon I would be tempted to just close out of it. If they go straight to amazon that's much better - everything I have on the page is on amazon including the Buy button. Why make them click twice? It will only encourage them to bounce. The fewer clicks the better. 

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Having a buy button in grid view would be great!

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