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Making Categories Go Away

At the top of every book listing, there are categories such as Author, Series, Genres, and Tags. If you're running a single-author site and only listing your own books, the Author category is redundant, and if you're using the Summary view, all those categories take up space better suited for blurb copy.

If you're only listing your own books on your site, and don't need genre or tagging because you don't write in wildly different genres, simply uncheck your author name, genre identifiers, and tags, and those categories will disappear from your individual book listing pages and your summary book listings.

I use the Summary display in posts or on pages where the main content is related to an individual book. I don't need author, genre, or tag category information--I need the book cover, a summary, and a buy button. This is currently the only way I've discovered to be able to get the summary to approach what I need it to do. It still displays the series title, but it's better than no customization at all.

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