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2 Issues: Sharing & Amazon Reviews

I bought the developer upgrade and I'm having the following issues:

1) I'm trying to use the standard WordPress "Sharing" feature that comes with Jetpack, rather than the social media bar/badges that come with MyBookTable. However, even though I have "Books" selected in my settings and "Show Share" selected on the book editor page, the share buttons do not appear.

2) Amazon Reviews are not appearing on book pages. The GoodReads reviews appear just fine. I've tried this under multiple themes to see if it was a theme issue, but no matter what theme I'm using, the Amazon reviews will not appear. 

I've put in my keys and it shows them as validated. But the reviews just will not appear. 


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I am also having the same problem with the Amazon Reviews, except I don't even know where to get the keys. If someone can help me I'd sure appreciate it. The link on the plug-in takes me to the Amazon Affiliates . . . but I'm not interested in that, I want my reviews to show like Goodreads (which worked first try).

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