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E-Book sale price.

Hi gang,

I have a very small feature I would like to request.

Currently, the primary price listed on MyBookTable is the Paperback price.

Print Price: 14.99

Sale price: 10.99

However, a majority of books are primary being driven by E-BOOK sales vs. paperback sales. And E-Book is showing up in a smaller font than print books.

Can I suggest that these values be swapped?

E-Book Price should be at the top. $9.99

The sale price for e-book should be next. Was $9.99 now it's $4.99

then it's PRINT book price: $14.99.

and print book sale price: $10.99.

I have only sold print books to friends and family, but I have sold plenty more e-books to strangers. Could we please make the e-book the primary price category?

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