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Now that iBooks has renamed to Apple Books - will be see a new icon set?

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A fellow author was strongly instructed to follow these guidelines:

4.3 Referring to Your Book or Audiobook on Apple Books

When you talk about your book being available on Apple Books, use one of the following phrases:

[Book Title] available on Apple Books

Pre-order [Book Title] on Apple Books

Don't use the phrase “at Apple Books.” You also shouldn’t use “downloadable” when you refer to a book on Apple Books.

4.4 Referring to Apple Books

“Apple Books” is the preferred term for the entire Apple Books ecosystem, including the app where customers buy books and audiobooks, read books, and listen to audiobooks.

Don’t use any other words for “Apple Books.” For example, don’t say “iBooks,” “iTunes Bookstore,” “Apple Books Store,” or “Apple’s Books Store.” “Apple Books” is always in English, even when the rest of the copy isn’t.

When is an update coming for MyBookTable with a new icon?

Adding my comment to this thread. Authors really do like to make the vendors happy and Apple has been quite clear they want us using their NEW branding with Apple Books, not the old iBooks branding (which MyBookTable still uses). This should be a fairly simple fix. I was hoping this last update might include that, but apparently not. 

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