Feedburner sends out its RSS email feeds once a day, which means if you post your blog after that email has been sent, your new post won't show up until the next day.  You can change the time when it sends, however, if you find yourself routinely posting after the email has been sent.

If we've transfered your RSS Feed to you through Feedburner, we will no longer have access to your feed, as Feedburner only allows one google account to access the Feed info.  But you can change when the email is sent by following these steps:

  • At http://feedburner.google.com/ once you're in your feed dashboard, click on the 'Publicize' tab
  • Then in the sidebar, click 'Email Subscriptions'.
  • This will bring up set of sublinks.
  • Click on 'Delivery Options'

You can set the time zone and the email delivery time from here. I would recommend setting it a few hours after you normally post, just to be sure that it sends out the newest post even if you're a little late that particular day.