Spam is annoying. 

The good news is that spam is a symptom of success. The more traffic your website gets, the more the spammers want to be on it. They are like flies attracted to the light of someone else's popularity. To protect you from spam, we have installed Akismet spam protection which is the industry standard for dealing with spammers. 

Just like with email spam filters, blog spam filters like Akismet work only about 99% of the time. So 1 in 100 spam comments gets through. This sounds good-- until you start getting thousands of spam comments. Fortunately, clearing out spam is very simple. Here is how to do it. 

To clear these out (and make the spam filter more accurate in the future) you need to mark this comment as spam. 

To do this:

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click on "comments" in the left-hand menu.
  3. Hover over the offending comment with your mouse.
  4. Click "Spam"

That's it. Your blog will then automatically remove the comment and report the spammer to the appropriate authorities. 

If you still feel like you are getting too many spam comments, you can disable comments altogether. This is what popular bloggers like Michael HyattSeth Godin, and CopyBlogger have done. 1% of 1 million spam comments is 10,000, which is a lot to go through. One benefit of turning off comments is that it moves the conversation to Facebook and Twitter, which can bring even more people to your website. The downside is that it can undermine the community you are building in the comments section. If you would like to disable comments, let us know and we can do it for you free of charge. 

I hope this helps. Thank you for choosing Author Media.