The most straightforward way to make MyBookTable's books display as your home page is by setting your Book Table Page to be your home page. First, go into your MyBookTable Settings page on the Setup tab and note which page you have selected as your Book Table Page (if you don't have a page selected you can simply create a new page using the button that says "Click here to create a Book Table page"). Then go to the Settings > Reading page on your WordPress backend menu, set your front page to display as a static page, and select the Book Table Page.

If you want MyBookTable to only be part of your home page, there can be different methods depending on exactly what you are trying to achieve, but what you will probably want to do is use the MyBookTable Shortcodes. The simplest shortcode is simply [mybooktable], which will display a list of all your books similar to how your Book Table Page will display. You can use the MyBookTable Shortcode Inserter (which is a button located above the post content editor labeled "Insert Shortcode") to find a full list of the available MyBookTable Shortcodes and to generate them automatically. Once you have figured out the shortcode you want to use, you can insert it into the appropriate location on the page you have selected as your home page.