Google is making changes on Chrome updates. It all has to do with sites that have login password sections and or credit card sections. Since we are using Wordpress on all our sites including yours, the admin password section is what flagging your site to be insecure. 

Here is a good though a little dated (Jan 2017) post explaining what is going on and has a good section regarding the wordpress issue that I mentioned above.

We can make the switch for you on the host server for $60 and take your website to SSL- that is site secure and https.

The issue we have discovered the hard way (it is not mentioned in any posts we have looked at)  is that if you have been collecting social media counts on your website, then when you switch to SSL it loses all the counts! We had one client go through the process and discovered she lost all her social media counts and then had us revert her back to the regular http site.

Let us know if you want to switch.